Fit Tip


Hey friends!

All this week I have been thinking about New Year resolutions. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my main resolution is finding the time in my busy schedule to do things that I love.. Mainly blogging, yoga, and adventuring. But another resolution I’ve come up with is all about living a healthy lifestyle. Year after year, one of the top resolutions made by Americans (and Canadians) is to get into shape, to start eating better, and to lose weight.

Last summer my sister shared with me this really great fitness website called Neila Rey offers suggestions to all aspects of a healthy lifestyle from full workouts to meal plans and recipes. Basically, it’s your guide to creating the new you for the new year.

The best part about the workouts offered on is that they’re equipment free, therefore are easily done at home. There are tons of work out options that you can narrow down depending on what you want to work on, and there are many 30 day programs if you want to challenge yourself a little! Resolutions have a habit of starting out strong and fading quick, but has motivation strung through every part of the website.


As for the food, I have made their energy ballz which I would strongly recommend for all of the snackers out there. Every recipe on this site looks really tasty and easy to make. They also address popular questions like what to eat before/after a work out, what to buy at the grocery store, and how to eat healthy on a budget.

So lets do this together, guys. Lets begin and stay committed to our New Year resolutions about our personal health.

What’s keeping you motivated to stay healthy this month? Let me know in the comments below!



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