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Hey there.

My Friday night was a spontaneous one. I spent the afternoon in my empty, spacious apartment and really got into the home decorating mode. I mean, getting totally inspired to decorate is the norm for me but the naked walls made it actually impossible to resist. So, I headed to Pinterest (my go to for everything) and started searching for some great living room decor ideas.

Of course, as always, my budget was all I could think about while scrolling through the beautiful suggestions on Pinterest. I came across so many gallery walls and knew this is what I wanted to do. I started looking at prints and posters on Urban Outfitters and Chapters Indigo but the cost was adding up quick. My roommate came home from work and she threw out the idea of drawing and printing the pictures ourselves. Not only would we save money but the images become more personal and we can switch them up whenever we want to.

Read on for more details and pictures!

Already we were going to Target but on the way home we made the spontaneous decision (literally hopped off the subway seconds before the doors closed) to pop into Dollarama 15 minutes before they closed. We picked up a variety of frames each costing between $1 and $3. They didn’t have a huge selection or anything fancy, but they definitely do the trick and keep this DIY on budget. The frames were our only expense which came to only $20!

I lucked out when Tanya ended up as my roommate because she’s a total artist and helps make my creative visions come to life. She was busy drawing away (a picture of airplanes for herself and the Eiffel Tower for me) while I found some great quotes and images from Tumblr to print out. If you are to do this at home, I highly suggest using cardstock paper if you print images from the internet. They look much better when all is said and done! I hope to replace some of the quote images we used with some of my favourite quotes and just make the type fancy in Photoshop, but that’s another day’s job.

2 3 4

Want to give this a go for your room/apartment/house? Here’s a few links to help you get on your way! Follow me on Pinterest for more home inspiration.

Images: Tumblr ||  Fonts: Simple As That blog ||  Picture Layout Ideas: Check it out!

Happy decorating!



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