Happy New Year!


Hello my lovely friends! Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful time over the holidays and were able to spend tons of time with family and friends. Christmas time is the most magical time of the year, I wish it could be Christmas everyday… Yeah, I’m one of those Christmas fanatics and I’m not sorry about it!

Although I think New Years is a little overrated, I can’t believe the year 2015 is already among us. 2014 was a really great year for me. Reflecting on the year only brings smiles to my face. I got to spend the early months of 2014 interning for a Toronto fashion legend, Pat McDonagh (even attending Toronto Fashion Week in her honor); I spent the summer months exploring the city with my adventurous roommate; I spent the fall interning with the most amazing team at Preloved and landing a fantastic part time job at Anthropologie; and I spent the end of year with my family back home in my cozy small town. Of course there are so many stories and adventures in between, but I am so grateful for all the opportunities that came to me during 2014 and I am so lucky to have had the support of the world’s greatest family and friends through it all.

2014The future scares some people, however I am not one of them. It only excites me as I look into 2015 and prepare to take anything it throws at me head on. I hope to continue going on spontaneous adventures with my friends, working hard and making connections through work and interning, and creating a real home in my new apartment closer to downtown Toronto.

I strongly believe that you should evaluate and work on who you are as a person at all times, but a great place to start is by setting resolutions in January. In the past, my resolutions have been to be a more positive, open minded person. In 2015, I will continue working on this.. But I also want to spend more time doing things for myself like blogging, doing yoga, doing DIY’s, and spending time with my friends. Working is good but I’m easily swept up in it all and often forget to take care of myself and have some fun, too.

All in all, I hope you all had a great time over the holidays and I wish the very best for you in 2015. I realize I’m always saying I’ll try to blog more… But this time I really mean it! I have a few posts (and some layout changes) planned for the upcoming weeks so stay tuned and keep checking back.

Have you set any New Year resolutions? Let me know in the comments below!



Sadie’s Diary: Birthday Weekend!


Hey friends, Happy Halloween! Why am I sitting at home blogging on Halloween night you may ask? Well, after a crazy weekend last weekend, I need this weekend to just relax. Last week I was reminded how extremely lucky I am to have the most wonderful family and friends in the whole world. My birthday was last week and I probably celebrated 5 different times… That’s how much love I have in my life, but I’m not complaining.

This birthday was extra special since I turned 19. Turning 19 in Canada is the equivalent to turning 21 in the United States… Aka I’m now legal to drink! As the last of my friends to turn 19, you can only imagine the sort of celebrating that went on over the course of the weekend.

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Sadie’s Diary: Words From The Wise


Hey friends!

Ever since school started at the beginning of September, my life has been crazy busy! Apart from going to class four days a week, I’m interning at Preloved twice a week and working at Anthropologie two-four days a week too. Most people think I’m crazy when I tell them all of what I’m doing, and maybe I am a little insane. But I read this quote once that really stuck with me: “Be inspired by your own existence.” And honestly, getting all this experience in the fashion industry (regardless of the amount of hours I work for free and the tediousness of finger spacing every hanger in a huge retail store) is inspiring me and making me very, very happy.

However this post is about my Saturday last weekend when I got the chance to have an adventure day and a little “me time” outside of my week schedule. I had moments of feeling inspired by my own existence as well as those surrounding me.

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First Post!

Hey there. My name is Sadie and I’m so excited to start blogging! This summer I have created a bucket list of things I want to try/do to change my lifestyle for the better. Some of the items on the list include reading three books (I’ve never been a reader so as silly as this seems to some people, I’m pushing myself to read), get into yoga, work out regularly, and I hope to take a few day trips around the city. The final item on the list is to blog. I’ve considered started a blog for a long time now but just never had the guts to do it. However I’ve stopped coming up with excuses to put off blogging and here I am.

I just finished my first year of college, aka the best year of my life. Because it was such a good year for me and I learned to fully embrace the independent life, I hope to appeal to college students and young adults and inspire certain aspects of their life. On my blog you will be able to read posts about fashion, personal health, recipes and DIY projects. These are all topics I’m either passionate about or interested in. I welcome suggestions, feedback and questions so please feel free to leave comments on any of the posts.

To learn more about me and the blog, click here. Otherwise that’s all, and I can’t wait to start blogging :)