Top Picks Tuesday: Winter Survival Guide


Hello there!

It took a little longer than usual for winter to kick in, but boy is it here now. Canadian winters are so unpredictable… One day it’s sunny and gorgeous, then the next day it’s a snow storm with wind chill warnings. Needless to say, a survival guide is much needed! I’ve put together a few things that help me get through the winter months for this week’s Top Picks Tuesday.


First and foremost, I am obsessed with the Kate Spade travel mug my sister got me for Christmas. Not only is it a winter essential, it’s an every morning necessity. Leaving your toasty warm bed on a winter morning can be beyond difficult (especially for us who aren’t morning people to begin with)… But bringing a nice warm tea or coffee with you to work/school makes it a little more bearable. Plus, making your own coffee/tea saves you money and time since you’ll be skipping the Tim Hortons line every morning. You can find this mug and tons of other cute ones at Chapters/Indigo, so be sure to check it out!

Another winter favourite of mine is hot chocolate. Even though I am a hot chocolate lover and drink hot chocolate year round, it’s the best during winter. Cuddled up indoors and watching the snow fall while sipping on some hot chocolate is the perfect way to spend a winter night. My favourite hot chocolate is Carnation which can be found in most grocery stores/departments. There’s so many different flavours such as rich and creamy, marshmallow, and Rolo flavour but the tiny marshmallows in this one are my favourite. Mix two or three teaspoons of hot chocolate powder with milk in your mug before adding your boiled water and you’ll fall in love with the fluffy chocolate on top. It’s my secret to making the world’s best hot chocolate!


I think I can speak for most girls when I say winter is the worst time of the year because of the things it does to our skin: our faces break out, our hands crack, and our lips are almost always chapped. Well ladies, I’ll share with you my ways of keeping on top of smooth skin this season. As I’ve said countless times before, I’m a Bath and Body Works lover.. And their hand creams are no exception to my love for their products. My favourite winter scent is Winter Candy Apple, and although I’m not sure you can get it in hand cream form anymore (I’ve had mine for a few years), you can find other amazing scents. They all come in bottles that are the perfect size to stick in your purse or backpack so you can use it multiple times throughout the day.

For my lips, I love using EOS. I recently bought the newest vanilla mint lip balm and it’s doing the trick keeping my lips from cracking. I own two other flavours of EOS but this minty one is my favourite during winter.

Lastly, living in the city without a driver’s license means one thing… Walking and commuting whenever I want to go somewhere. The winds and weather really take a toll on my face while traveling about, however moisturizing every night with my Nivea face cream is the best way for me to keep my skin clear and smooth. Again, there are so many different types of Nivea face cream you can get, but my favourite is the Pure and Natural one: it smells amazing and the hint of aloe makes it really effective.

And there you have it, my Top Picks Tuesday winter guide edition! What things are helping you get through the winter months? Let me know in the comments below!



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