Top Picks Tuesday: Holiday Gift Guide!


Hey friends!

Can you believe there’s only a little over a week left until Christmas? It’s at this time when people really start to freak out about last minute Christmas shopping.. So I’ve put together a little gift guide for all of those people who are sitting there scratching their heads.  Hopefully you can find an idea on here for everyone on your list, from your best friend you’ve known for 15 years to the coworker you hardly know but pulled for your Secret Santa.

Read more for details!

1. As some of you may know, I got a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera for my birthday and I absolutely love it. I just saw this nifty little printer, the Fujifilm Instax Share ($200) at Urban Outfitters and it hooks up to your phone and prints out the pictures in a cute polaroid. A great gift for your friends or siblings to print out all of your memories together!

2. A great, inexpensive gift for a Secret Santa is bake goods in a mason jar. I found a few really great ideas on Cul de sac Cool. She has everything you need including a cute label and matching instructions for the outside of the jar! If you’re looking for something store bought, I’ve seen bake goods in jar at Winners many times before so look there if you don’t want to put a jar together yourself.

3. Another great stocking stuffer or little gift is a phone case. You can get phone cases from almost any store, but I find the prettiest/most creative ones on Etsy. I’m in love with all of the phone cases from Cases by Csera. I personally love the rustic look she uses… But if you’re not a fan, search phone cases on Etsy and keep your fingers crossed that it’ll be in on time for Christmas!

4. Of course, working at Anthropologie I see people buy these mugs every single day. But it is true, the homegrown monogram mugs ($8) are really pretty and make great personalized gifts for people you know well or people you just met. An extra bonus? They’re super affordable!

5. Chapters/Indigo is my go to place to finding gifts. You’re bound to find the perfect gift every time you visit. I thought the bird jewelry holder ($12) was really adorable and it is super functional. Us girls already have a lot of jewelry and might get even more for Christmas.. This gives us the perfect spot to put it all.

6. Sephora always has amazing deals during this time of year, and I can speak for most girls when I say almost anything from Sephora makes a great gift. I really love the chroma colour eye palette ($78) There are so many shades for you to play with and they even have some crazy coloured pencils to match. I’m confident that she’ll love it.

7. I love these portable phone chargers ($24)  from Urban Outfitters and I’m sure your friends will thank you for it, too!

8. Something your mom would love (well, my mom would love) is some festive teas from David’s Tea. The Christmas Morning Collection ($19.50) has three different teas to try for the tea-aholic on your list! I’m hoping my friends are reading this and taking notes… Ahem.

9. I added these floral photo clips ($12) from Urban Outfitters to the list too because they’re something I would love to get as a gift! These could easily be done as a DIY project, but to save time you can buy these for a great stocking stuffer or small, inexpensive gift.

10. Every woman needs to take some time to take care of themselves and just relax, and over the holidays is the perfect time to do just that. The winter garden gift set ($39.95) from Lush is packed full of body care products that will leave you feeling fresh and relaxed.

Hopefully I’ve helped you come up with a few gift ideas for the last few people on your shopping list! This week I’m busy finishing up my Christmas shopping too, and I’m honestly so excited for everyone to see what I got them. Let me know in the comments below where you’ve been shopping this holiday season.



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