Sadie’s Diary: Birthday Weekend!


Hey friends, Happy Halloween! Why am I sitting at home blogging on Halloween night you may ask? Well, after a crazy weekend last weekend, I need this weekend to just relax. Last week I was reminded how extremely lucky I am to have the most wonderful family and friends in the whole world. My birthday was last week and I probably celebrated 5 different times… That’s how much love I have in my life, but I’m not complaining.

This birthday was extra special since I turned 19. Turning 19 in Canada is the equivalent to turning 21 in the United States… Aka I’m now legal to drink! As the last of my friends to turn 19, you can only imagine the sort of celebrating that went on over the course of the weekend.

Because my sister and dad’s birthdays are just days away from mine, my whole family celebrated and exchanged gifts over Thanksgiving weekend. I got so many amazing gifts.. everything I asked for and more! I can’t thank them all enough, I’m beyond lucky to have such a loving family. Just wait until Christmas when I spoil you all back <3


My day on my actual birthday started off with a train ride from my hometown back to the Big Smoke. Being up and on the train for 8am wasn’t the ideal way to start the day, but I had a great day ahead of me and couldn’t wait for it to begin. Once I got back to my apartment, I was greeted by decorations and the funniest, sweetest birthday card from my roommate. I would post a picture of the card but it’s full of embarrassing snapchats I’ve sent my roommate over the past year… And trust me, you won’t want to see that. Regardless the card was one of the best parts of my birthday. But anyway! After obsessing over my card, I got ready and headed out to meet up with my best friend, Heather, for an adventure day.

Way back in the summer, Heather told me about this new popcorn shop that opened up downtown Toronto… Get this, it’s called Toronto Popcorn.. So clever, right? Since they opened, Toronto Popcorn has been featured in many papers and blogs, so maybe you’ve heard of them already. But if not, look them up and check it out! This was one of the best experiences of my life. I am shamelessly a popcorn lover, the trans fats don’t stop me when I have a popcorn craving (those happen more often than I’d like to admit). At Toronto Popcorn you can sample a wide variety of flavoured popcorn that they offer. They really have everything. I surprised myself by really liking the fruity flavours like watermelon and strawberry, and also the bizarre flavours like pizza. My favourite flavour was the vanilla cream (perfectly sweet and salty), so I bought a small bag to take home. Their prices are very reasonable which made it hard to limit myself to just one bag… $4.00 for a small? Yes please! After that Heather and I continued exploring the Kengsington Market area, a part of town I haven’t been to before.



While shopping around I grabbed a knitted headband for the winter weather which is inevitably headed our way. After that, Heather and I made our way to Queen Street West to continue shopping (spent a little too much at Urban Outfitters… oops. Thank god for that employee discount), then to King West to grab a bite to eat. Along the way, I stopped at the liquor store and made my first legal purchase there.. I know some people think that’s a nerdy thing to do, but I was beyond excited and giggly about it. After that, we went for dinner and enjoyed the rest of our night.

1(Left: My decorated apartment.. So precious!       Right: First legal drink, heck yeaaaah!)

The next night my roommate and I celebrated with different friends and had our first bar/club experience. If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I’m very energetic.. So put me on a dance floor and it’s impossible to get me to stop. We danced the night away and had a really great (but expensive) night. Celebrations continued on Saturday when my fashion friends all met up with me for appetizers and drinks at Jack Asters. You know I’m spoiled when at the end of that night the only thing on my bill was chicken fingers… All my drinks and other snacks were paid for. Yep, I have the best friends ever!

And that was that! A weekend well spent if you ask me. If you’re looking for an adventure I highly suggest checking out Toronto Popcorn and the Kensington Market area. If you’re looking for a great club, hit up Tequila Jacks! And if you’re looking for great friends… Well keep looking because I’m not willing to give up mine ;)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, week, and another great weekend ahead of you! Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments below.



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