Sadie’s Diary: Words From The Wise


Hey friends!

Ever since school started at the beginning of September, my life has been crazy busy! Apart from going to class four days a week, I’m interning at Preloved twice a week and working at Anthropologie two-four days a week too. Most people think I’m crazy when I tell them all of what I’m doing, and maybe I am a little insane. But I read this quote once that really stuck with me: “Be inspired by your own existence.” And honestly, getting all this experience in the fashion industry (regardless of the amount of hours I work for free and the tediousness of finger spacing every hanger in a huge retail store) is inspiring me and making me very, very happy.

However this post is about my Saturday last weekend when I got the chance to have an adventure day and a little “me time” outside of my week schedule. I had moments of feeling inspired by my own existence as well as those surrounding me.

On Saturday, over 23 Etsy pop up shops were held across Canada, two of which were in Toronto! In case you don’t know what Etsy is, it’s an online shop where people sell homemade/handcrafted products. From phone cases to home items, they have it all. This event, Etsy Made In Canada, displayed local Etsy artists, so the Toronto locations had Toronto vendors selling their products. Anyway, my roommate and I were up and on the subway for 8:30am Saturday morning to experience Etsy in a physical environment rather than cyberspace (you got it, I willingly woke up around 8am on a Saturday for this event!).

The first 50 people in line for the Etsy shop received a bag of goodies, even though I wasn’t one of those people, you can imagine the line this created. The building was so crowded making it hard and rushed to see absolutely everything. Despite the crowd, i managed to make a few purchases… Also know as Christmas shopping in September… Oops! I did happen to come across a few items I fell in love with for myself, but I only purchased one which is a beautiful phone case from Senay Design Studio. She sells gorgeous and colourful nature/floral prints on home items and phone cases so be sure to check out her website!

After exploring the 120+ vendors at the MaRS Building, my roommate and I enjoyed the sunshine on our walk over to OCAD University where the second Etsy pop up shop was located. There were fewer vendors here but Tanya and I explored the school which of course was very artistic and creative. To say I was inspired to be in a creative industry is an understatement. From this experience, Tanya got inspired to make her own DIY phone case which is something super easy you could make and personalize for yourself! More details coming soon.

After our visit to OCAD, we were exploring when we were invited into this art workshop taking place in the OCAD Student Gallery. This art workshop was called The Yellow Pages Project. The purpose of this project was to use phone book papers and recycle them into artwork since phone books are replaced by technology nowadays and all of those pages are now wasted. The free snacks were incentive to stay but knowing my roommate is a closet artist, I forced her to sit and draw it out. Community projects like this are such a great way to meet new people and support good causes. It’s also so nice to see art bring people together. Read more about the YellowPage Project here, Tanya’s drawing just happens to be the first picture on this guy’s post (my scribbled flowers didn’t make the cut but I’m not too upset about it ;))!

wftw3The Yellow Pages Project

The day was cut short due to my work shift (it’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t sleep until noon on the weekends) but the night ended with fruity drinks and tons of food at Jack Astor’s. The perfect way to end a great day!

This was basically one long, rambling story to share one of my favourite quotes. So I’ll end it with the whole point of this post… Be inspired by your own existence. Do what you’re passionate about and love, even if it’s overwhelming at times. Go on adventures and participate in community events… Live a life that you are proud of and use your own existence as inspiration to continue doing wonderful things that make you happy!

Here’s some pictures of the day! wftwEtsy Made In Canada in the MaRS Building… Busy, busy!

wftw1“Embrace this space” was written in this alley of graffiti.


An innovative, artsy archway leading to a hallway at OCAD.

Feel free to leave a comment mentioning your favourite, feel-good quote or where you find inspiration!



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