Top Picks Tuesday: Current Playlist


(Image taken from Vinyl Me, Please tumblr)

Hey there!

I hope everyone had a lovely Labour Day weekend! The weather was absolutely beautiful here making it a perfect way to end summer break. The sunshine has put me in a really great mood lately, so I’ve been on a hunt for new, upbeat music to add to my playlists. I want feel good songs that I can sing at the top of my lungs while dancing in the sunshine. I’m always looking for good music, but these are my top picks for this Tuesday!

All About You- Hilary Duff

I’ve always been a fan of Hilary Duff… In fact, the term “fan” might not accurately describe how much I love her. I’m sure if my family members are reading this right now, they’re visualizing me crying my eyes out while opening my Hilary Duff concert tickets I got for Christmas in 2006. Thanks grandma and papa, that was still the best Christmas ever! But anyway. I still keep up with Hilary Duff and all the things she does which is why I was super excited when she put out two new songs this summer. Chasing The Sun was classic Hilary, but I didn’t fall in love with it. I listened to it once then never again. However, All About You came out a few weeks ago and that’s a song I can’t stop listening to! I absolutely love the guitar/acoustic sound of this song. If you’re not usually a Hilary fan, you might not find it anything special. But I love the cheesy lyrics and hearing Hilary’s voice again. Give it a shot! Watch it on Youtube here.

Rescue- Yuna

I mentioned this song in my September Monthly Muse, but I’m going to talk about it again. Rescue by Yuna is another song I just recently discovered. I find the lyrics and music are really uplifting and freeing. With school starting again, you’ll probably find yourself feeling stressed out and wanting to burst into tears a little more often than usual because of the stress (at least that’s my coping method). This song is just a little reminder that you’re fabulous and everything will be okay! Take a listen here.


Somebody To You- The Vamps

Enough with the girl power songs, lets get some boy bands on the list. Boy bands are secretly the key to my heart, so it’s no wonder The Vamps are my new love. They’re so cute (they’re British, enough said) and their music is just as adorable. I can’t stop listening to Somebody To You by them, The Vamps. I’m sure a lot of us can relate to the lyrics… Haven’t we all had a crush on someone who doesn’t know we exist? It’s an upbeat song that I frequently dance around my room to, I just love it. Check ‘er out on Youtube! Hopefully this video inspires you to check out more of their music because it’s all really good.

I Love You Will Still Sound The Same- Oh Honey

The guy’s voice in this song literally makes me melt which first made me love I Love You Will Still Sound The Same by Oh Honey. The girl’s voice is also really, really nice so when they sing together it sounds really good. I guess what I love about this song besides their voices is the music: it’s another upbeat, indie pop song that makes you feel happy.  The overall feel of the song is very hopeful and will make you want to dance. The lyrics are also very cute so give it a listen! If you like this song I suggest also listening to Get It Right by Oh Honey.

And there it is, my top picks for this Tuesday! I hope you take the time to check out these songs and end up liking them as much as I do. I hope they make you feel as happy and free as they make me feel. Now turn them on as loud as you can and bust out some dance moves!




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