Monthly Muse: September!

September(All images taken from We Heart It and retailer websites)

Happy September!

Autumn is my favourite time of the year! I love the fashion, the colours, and the spicy scents and tastes that come with the cooler weather. As you might already know, I’m a Bath and Body Works-aholic. I could, and frequently do, spend way too much money there on hand soaps, candles, and I recently purchased my first wallflower! But anyway… Bath and Body Works in the fall is the best, the scents are my personal favourite. My most favourite scent of all time is sold during the fall… LEAVES! You must check it out this season. Apart from spicey scents, Starbucks fall drinks reinforce my love for autumn. I love chai lattes all year round, but this time of year they are a million times tastier for some reason. You can get chai lattes iced or hot, so they’re perfect for bi-polar Canadian fall weather. If you’re not up for spending money at Starbucks, I found a recipe on A Beautiful Mess that teaches you how to make your own iced chai latte. I’m definitely going to try it out, here’s the recipe if you want to try it too! For an at home hot chai drink, I suggest Tetley vanilla chai tea with a little vanilla almond milk. So delicious!

The warm-but-chilly weather in September makes for the best fashion of the year. The first outfit I put together for this month is something super easy and basic that everyone can pull off. A plaid shirt is a wardrobe must have this season. What I love about plaid shirts is they can be worn so many different ways.. For example, you could wear a plain or graphic shirt under it and leave it unbuttoned, you could button it up and wear a short necklace with it, or you could simply wrap it around your waist and rock a grunge look. Another thing is there are so many different plaids out there, you’re bound to find something that looks good on you. Keep trying different plaids until you find something that suits you! The downside is these shirts can be quite pricey, like $50 for one shirt (as a broke college student, I don’t approve) so shop around to find one that’s reasonably priced or one that’s worth the money. I love the button down shirts from American Eagle because they’re so soft and fit me really well. The plaid shirt in this month’s inspiration board is from American Eagle ($43.46), you can purchase it in stores or online here. I matched it with basic skinny jeans from Forever 21. These jeans are very comfortable and the price makes them even more attractive… $9.90? Yes please! Purchase them in stores or online here. You can wear whatever shoes with this outfit, I just chose these ones from Forever 21 ($15.80) because they’re affordable and could be worn with multiple different outfits.

The second outfit I put together is one of my favourite fall looks: skirts and sweaters. Wearing a skirt and sweater together is a perfect way to enjoy the last bit of summer weather while the sweater weather moves in. Both pieces are from H&M (sweater- $29.95, skirt- $19.95). This half casual/half dressy combination also allows any sort of shoe to go with it; a heel works but so does a sneaker. However, I love wearing boots during this time of year, so I went with little ankle boots from Forever 21 ($33.80).

I won’t put off saying it any longer… September also means back to school. You’re going to need a backpack this month and it’s going to become part of your outfit everyday, so I suggest buying a Jansport or Herschel backpack. I own a Jansport so I can talk about them way better than a Herschel. Jansports come in so many different colours, patterns, and even sizes (so do Herschels, I know that much). The lifetime warranty is a great bonus, but my backpack has been through a lot and still looks as good as new. You can buy Jansports and Herschels all over the place: Staples, Bentley, Zumiez.. You name it. So keep an eye out and shop around for your favourite colour/pattern!

Even though school is starting up again, you need to find the time between homework and extra-curricular activities to enjoy some downtime. A lot of TV shows return this month with a new season… What I’m most excited for is New Girl! You’ll catch me watching new episodes of this quirky, funny show every week. If you aren’t a TV watcher, maybe you relax by listening to music. I recommend listening to Rescue by Yuna. It’s an upbeat feel good song that might even lead you to a few self epiphanies if you listen to the lyrics! Or, if you’re looking for a mellow song to listen to, check out All Those Nights by Chase Coy. It’s perfect for this time of year when you’re reflecting back on your summer memories and possibly coping with your move to college/university.

Okay, okay! I’ve rambled enough about fall. Sorry, I just love this time of year (as if I haven’t said that a million times already). Let me know in the comments below what you’re looking forward to this month, or share your favourite fall things!




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