College Diaries: School Supplies


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I hope you’ve been enjoying your last month of summer. With one week left of summer vacation, it’s time to start thinking about back to school shopping. I’m an organization nerd as it is, but I know tons of people enjoy shopping for new school supplies. This post is about my great finds for back to school shopping.

In my sustainable fashion post, I mentioned the organization Me To We and how you can support their mission to end poverty in developing countries. One way Me To We strives to end poverty is by making sure all children have access to an education. That’s why this school year they have teamed up with Staples to offer school supplies that raise money for the Me To We mission. Me To We has made eco-friendly school supplies for this 2014/2015 back to school season. When you purchase a Me To We school item from Staples, you’re giving a tangible gift, like healthy school lunches, notebooks and pencils to a child in a Me To We community! They’re selling tons of things like backpacks, water bottles, notebooks, magnets, and my personal favourite… Sticky notes! All the products are super cute and very colourful, which explains why I like them so much. They’re also very reasonably priced: backpacks sell for $30, binders $7 and notebooks $5. Please consider supporting Me To We this back to school season and help break down the barriers to education. You can view all the products online here or get them at your local Staples store! Here’s a little taste of what the products look like:


(All images taken from Staples website)

 I also stumbled into Indigo at the Eaton Centre on Friday and fell in love with their Foxy Stationary collection. The collection is full of very rustic looking products that give off an optimistic vibe. I love feather/owl/tribal print so these products lured me in at first sight. Right now the promotion is buy two get the third free and it applies to the whole collection which has notebooks, tote bags, and again sticky notes! On top of the promotion, a few of the notebooks I looked at were already marked down. Super saving, that’s what I’m talking about! Apart from the Me To We supplies, I also picked up a few things from this collection which is exclusive to Chapters stores. Definitely worth checking out! You can view the Foxy Stationary collection online here or head over to your local Chapters/Indigo/Coles store and shop away. Here’s a peek at my favourite products:


(All images taken from Chapters website)

September is going to come whether or not we want it to, and we have to go back to school whether or not we want to. So we might as well buy some new supplies that we’ll enjoy looking at everyday. That’s my theory anyway. These are my favourite finds for this back to school season, feel free to share your finds in the comments below! Please just remember, you have the chance to help provide education to children in developing countries by purchasing Me To We school supplies from Staples. Hopping on board with a great cause by purchasing stylish school supplies? Why wouldn’t you?!



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