College Dairies: Rez Room Necessities

Hey there! This summer has flown by and it’s already time to think about back to school. This time last year I was buying so much stuff to move into residence and to start my college life because this is the fun stuff to buy! I can honestly say that I had a great residence experience and I hope to share some tips on what made my experience so great. If you’re going into your first year of college, returning to college, or if you’re still in high school and living at home, here’s some room must haves you should consider when planning and designing your room.

  •  A personalized space

When I first moved into the city for college, I was incredibly home sick. I wasn’t overly outgoing last September and the “big girl, living on her own” lifestyle was so different for me. I think it’s very important to make your dorm room feel like your own and feel like home. Putting posters of your favourite bands on the wall or hanging pictures of you and your friends from home are great ways to remind yourself of who you are. You also want to feel like you have a cozy space that feels like home while learning how to adapt to a whole new lifestyle. Here’s a few great and affordable ways to incorporate pictures into your dorm room.

Clothes Pin Pictures Tutorial

Fake Photo Canvases Tutorial


  • Bulletin board and calendar

While I lived at home, my parents really took care of business. My mom organized the whole family by writing everything down from upcoming events to music lessons… All I had to worry about was keeping track of schoolwork. Unfortunately, you don’t realize how much mom and dad do for you until they’re living hours away from you. Usually bulletin boards are given to you in your dorm room so you should learn to use them. You’ll be surprised how many loose pieces of paper or information brochures you get within the first few weeks of college and you need to put them somewhere accessible and in sight. Pin them to your board and they’re there for anytime you need them. A calendar is also a good way to keep track of everything going on in your life. If it’s writing down one month or four months at a time, having a visual of due dates and upcoming events is very helpful when it comes to managing your time.

I followed these DIY ideas which turned these essentials into decor pieces, too. If you just use the plain cork board you’re given in your room, I suggest hitting up Dollarama and Target for colourful thumb tacks! I’m all about adding colour every chance I get :)

Fabric Cork Boards Tutorial

Paint Chip Calender Tutorial


  •  Organization

The bulletin board and calendar help you organize your time, but you need things to help you organize your room. Your closet and your desk are two spaces that can get messy fast but it’s easy to prevent with organizers. You need to keep as much space on your desk as possible so keep pens, pencils, and in my case make up brushes, together and in a contained area. You will also need drawers/shelves/storage bins for your textbooks so you want to make sure you use your space wisely. It’s also likely that you’ll have to travel down the hall to take a shower or maybe go to a different floor to do your laundry. There’s a company called Thirty One that offers unique storage bags. They offer a utility bag that is perfect to load up all your shower and bathroom products for when you make a trip to the floor bathroom. You may also need to lug your laundry around too, so using a big clothes basket that hides all your dirty clothes is a nice way to keep your room looking clean and keeping things out of sight when wandering to the laundry room. The last few times I’ve gone to Winners they’ve had tall clothes baskets that also look cute. If you’re feeling super ambitious, you could try making your own clothes basket like the one below.

Here’s a few DIY’s that help make your room functional and adorable.

Fabric Covered Can Organizer Tutorial


Thirty One Utility Tote


Braided Clothes Basket Tutorial


Of course there are many other small things you need to get for your dorm room, but these are some necessities to keep in mind. Feel free to share your dorm room must haves in the comments below. Also check back because there are more College Diaries posts are to come!




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