Top Picks Tuesday: Beach Bag Essentials


Hey there! I’m so sorry I have been MIA from Maybe It’s May, but I was inspired by my beach adventures yesterday to share an essential summertime post about what to pack in your beach bag. Yesterday my roommate and I spent the day at Centre Island on Toronto Island, it was a perfect day for a beach day! These are the things that I packed in my bag and highly suggest for your beach adventures this summer!


The first thing I grabbed out of my closet for beach day was a cute summer hat. Last summer I bought this fedora from a beach store in Port Dover. I can’t send links to where you can buy this exact hat, but I know many stores (Forever 21 in particular) have been selling similar hats. However, I recently bought this floppy hat for $9 from Joe Fresh which can be purchased in stores or online here. It’s important to protect yourself from the sun and a hat is a perfect way to do that while still looking fashionable. These stylish hats are what I recommend for beach day.


Maybe this is obvious, but some people think sunscreen isn’t necessary to take to the beach. I don’t care who you are, YOU SHOULD PACK SUNSCREEN! Since I’m a bit of a redhead, I burn like there’s no tomorrow… So yep, you read that right SPF 60. You should know how easily you burn and buy sunscreen accordingly, but no sunscreen isn’t an option. I highly suggest waterproof sunscreen because even if you don’t plan on it, the cold blue water on a hot summer day becomes hard to resist and you might end up going for a dip in the lake. This brand of sunscreen works the best for me and is available at most stores that sell body care products (Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Loblaws grocery stores, etc). I also took my EOS lip balm to keep my lips moisturized in the sun. Lastly, sunglasses are a summer essential in general, but don’t forget them when heading to the beach!


Now moving onto snacks. Most beaches have a restaurant or snack stand close by but to save some money I always take my own snacks. When I headed to the beach, I stocked up on my favourite fruits and snacks. This included strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, cheddar Goldfish, a bag of chips and some Maynard Squirt candies. I think it’s important to choose mostly healthy snacks that will give you energy in the sun, however beach day is a one day vacation so why not pack some of your favourite junk foods? As far as drinks go, it’s so important to stay hydrated under that summer sun. Water is important to drink but I also chose to take my favourite kind of Powerade to replenish electrolytes and provide energy.


And of course, you want to take things that you can do while soaking up the sun. I suggest taking a book to read (The Fault In Our Stars is a must read this summer if you haven’t read it already!) and your headphones to listen to some music. I personally think you should leave your phone in your bag for the day and enjoy this time to relax outdoors. Another thing I love to do at the beach, but it isn’t photographed, is to make friendship bracelets out of string. You can buy embroidery string from craft stores and sometimes can even find it at Walmart. I have a book on how to make different bracelets but you could also find instructions online and print them out to take to the beach with you!


So there you have it, my beach bag top picks! If you’re looking for a beach to go to in Toronto, I highly suggest going to Centre Island on Toronto Island. The island is full of green space as well as beach areas: it’s definitely a lovely place for a summer day. There’s many things to do there too, such as Centreville Amusement Park (the rides are mainly for kids but it’s fun and totally free to just walk around. OH, and you can visit the animals at the Centreville farm free of charge), renting bikes, renting boats, picnic space and of course sandy beaches. The fairy is also a fun experience and you get to see a gorgeous view of Toronto like this one:


If you have any ideas on what else you should take to the beach, share in the comments below!



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