Top Picks Tuesday: Bath and Body Works Candles

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale! I’m a Bath and Body Works lover, from their candles to body sprays and everything in between. Since June 9th, the largest sale of the year has been happening at Bath and Body Works. Everything is up to 75% off, the deals are impossible to pass up. Last week I went to the mall and picked out four new candles, two body lotions and a body mist. These are my top picks of scents and I highly recommend them all!


Today I’m going to talk about the candles I purchased from Bath and Body Works. I love fruity and flowery scents which makes the summer smells hard to resist. My number one scent is Island Margarita. Not only is it my favourite colour, it has a exotic, fruity and tropical scent and smells so good while burning. My second favourite is Peach Bellini. The coral coloured candle smells edible! It smells delicious much like a peach bellini drink, however it also has this clean scent that makes the room smell fresh while it’s burning. This scent is probably the strongest of these candles while burning.


The little candles make up the rest of my top picks from Bath and Body Works. Springtime In Provence is the little white candle. It’s a floral and fresh smelling scent. It’s the most perfumey candle out of the bunch and smells very feminine, yet it’s still light and refreshing. I highly recommend this candle if you’re looking for something that isn’t a powerful scent. The Pink Petal Tea Cake candle is very similar, it’s a light and flowery scent. This candle smells very sweet though, which I love! Lastly, I bought the tealight version of Sundrenched Vineyard a few weeks ago. I’ve been burning it most nights since which is why it’s basically gone now. However it goes to show how much I love this candle. This scent is another floral smelling one, but it has a hint of spice to it too. While burning, it’s a very subtle scent but one of my favourites!

And that wraps up this week’s Tuesday Top Picks. You should definitely check out Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale. I’m pretty sure the sale is on until July 6th, however I’m not positive so I suggest heading over to the mall as soon as possible so you don’t miss out! Share your comments to let me know… What are your favourite scents from Bath and Body Works?




2 thoughts on “Top Picks Tuesday: Bath and Body Works Candles

  1. Heather Schoch says:

    My fave is Watermelon Lemonade! I cannot even express how much I love it. Peach Bellini and Island Margarita are amazing! Also, Red Velvet Cupcake! Yummmyyyy.

    P.s I love you.


    • maybeitismay says:

      I would have to agree that Watermelon Lemonade is another favourite! I have it in a mason jar candle sitting on my kitchen table! Love it so much :)
      P.s. I love you too. Thanks for being a lovely friend and commenting <3


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