Boyfriend Cardigan

boyfriendcardiganHappy Monday, friends! I hope you had a wonderful first weekend of summer. In my opinion, your outfits on Monday’s should be easy and comfortable while you ease into a new week. However, your sense of style shouldn’t be sacrificed to achieve comfort.

For the longest time I have wanted a long, loose boyfriend cardigan. I’m a cardigan lover as it is, but this style is honestly my favourite! It is very casual and comfy, but in my opinion it also looks super cute. I bought this cardigan a few weeks ago from Garage, however variations of this style are available in most stores. This particular one was on sale for only $29.00 and comes in three different colours (beige, black and salt and pepper). It’s so light and comfortable for summer days or nights: it’s perfect for a beach day, camp fire night, or even just a day out shopping. I already know it’s one of my summer fashion faves. You can find this exact cardigan here!

To make this outfit a little less dull, I added in the new floral belt I bought on the same shopping trip. It’s perfect for when you want too spice up a simple outfit (much like the white tee and denim shorts look I wore today). It was only $9.50 and can be purchased at Ardene. It is available in purple or green and you can find it online here! I’m not a super big fan of Ardene, however their accessories can be cute and I couldn’t pass this belt up.




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