First Post!

Hey there. My name is Sadie and I’m so excited to start blogging! This summer I have created a bucket list of things I want to try/do to change my lifestyle for the better. Some of the items on the list include reading three books (I’ve never been a reader so as silly as this seems to some people, I’m pushing myself to read), get into yoga, work out regularly, and I hope to take a few day trips around the city. The final item on the list is to blog. I’ve considered started a blog for a long time now but just never had the guts to do it. However I’ve stopped coming up with excuses to put off blogging and here I am.

I just finished my first year of college, aka the best year of my life. Because it was such a good year for me and I learned to fully embrace the independent life, I hope to appeal to college students and young adults and inspire certain aspects of their life. On my blog you will be able to read posts about fashion, personal health, recipes and DIY projects. These are all topics I’m either passionate about or interested in. I welcome suggestions, feedback and questions so please feel free to leave comments on any of the posts.

To learn more about me and the blog, click here. Otherwise that’s all, and I can’t wait to start blogging :)



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